Collarium® – Gentle tanning, vitamin D and collagen

The modern way of tanning!

A new era of tanning has begun. 

Looking for a gentle tan and silky smooth skin? Collarium® makes it possible. The unique light therapy concept combines the spectrum of UV and red light. The red spectrum encourages blood circulation and improves UV-compatibility as a result. Its balanced spectral distribution improves direct pigmentation by up to 50%. The result is smooth, gently tanned skin and optimum intake of vitamin D.  

Enjoy the relaxing Collarium® experience and look forward to a healthy tan and a silky-smooth complexion.  




For licensed partners:

Your own Collarium® studio

Do you run a tanning studio, cosmetics institute or fitness studio and want to offer your customers a unique tanning experience? Our interesting licensing models...

The Collarium® is a new standard in healthy tanning and beautiful complexion.

Collarium® is a registered trademark in Switzerland. The name can only be used for marketing purposes by our licensed partners with the associated original technical products. You will need a written licensing agreement to do so.

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